Hillary McFarland: writer, mentor & artist

hey, love.

Hello and welcome! My name is Hillary McFarland and I am a Spirit-filled writer, maker & mentor for holy wild women. 

My purpose here (and prayer) is to offer a rich collection of words and art that will inspire and lead you towards a wiser, braver, deeper life. This intention guides everything I offer: my writing, creative programs, massage therapy, workshops and one-on-one holistic life coaching.

In September I published a book called The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl. It is a faith-based body memoir and compassionate, healing guide written for those who know the intensity and depth of body hatred and body shame. You can make peace with the body you have, and in this book, I show you how.

Learn more about my work, writing, and other upcoming events below. And if you resonate with what you see, I have a cozy insider's list here. I send out weeklyish (ok, sometimes monthlyish) emails you’ll actually love.

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An artist and her work...

Hello! Hillary here.

I'm a Spirit-filled writer, maker & mentor for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and other sensitive souls. Everything I offer and create is designed to guide you into a wiser, braver, and deeper life. Let's work one-on-one, or go solo with my DIY home-study programs. Curious for more?

Relaxing Massage Therapy

As a 2002 graduate of Hands on Therapy School of Massage, I specialize in calming Swedish massage, nurturing prenatal massage, and aromatherapy for stress relief and sleep support. Serving Dallas + East Texas.

Dear Artist

If you're breathing, you're an artist. Your life is art. Your faith is art. For deep feelers, creatives, introverts and empaths, showing up will never not feel vulnerable. But in Dear Artist, learn how to craft a sacred creative rebellion that allows you to overcome shame, fear, and other maladies that hold you back.

Dear Writer: The Workshops (Coming Soon)

Luscious writing workshops you can DIY in your comfiest PJs. I do not offer technical classes. I'm not a writing teacher, nor will you learn how to get published or how to get rich. But your words will come alive. So will you.

Dear Artist

Free preview!

My Dear Artist program is waiting for you! Click below to learn about the course and sign up for the first chapter, FREE!


A few sweet messages from folks who have experienced my work...

Hillary, I have taken many online programs, and yours has by far been the most wise, cozy, supported program experience with a TON of content. Thank you.
— Jessica
I began my journey with Hillary because I decided to listen to my soul and begin a new business — the biz of my dreams. I felt like I needed a little more guidance, I needed someone to hold up a mirror and show me that I had the magic within to leap. She made me feel at home. Our sessions felt like talking to a best friend. After our very first call, I found confidence and clarity. After our fourth call? I was filling my calendar with clients and manifesting magic. I would not be where I am today without her magic.
— Heather
I didn’t really doubt you would anyway, but you really crafted something beautiful and holy and sacred with this. Thank you for following the call of your heart.
— Alisha
This class has brought me exactly what I’d wished for—a deeper commitment to my creative life and the in my bones knowing that is my sacred path and calling. Much love to you Hillary—thank you for this rich experience. I truly wish it wasn’t coming to a close.
— Tracie
...I absolutely loved the peacefulness that she created for me, and I felt understood, and loved. After our session Hillary sent me a workbook, and a summary of what we had talked about with some additional prompts, and activities. This helped me to get going and really made a difference. i loved everything about it. Thank you Hillary!
— Murielle
Wisdom & well-being for a braver, deeper life.