Behold the Quiet Light
creating resonance
This beautiful mess

Hello, friend! I'm delighted you've joined my eclectic circle of brave, wild souls.

My one purpose is to move you. Because when you are moved, something changes. It could be the tiniest mental shift, and it could be a radical 180 that alters everything. Mind, body, spirit, soul. Your life and your life to come.

So why am I showing you a photo of my messy bed?

A few years ago I walked into my bedroom seeing only the drudgery of routine: the laundry to put away, the sheets to rearrange, the floor that needs vacuuming, something hanging crooked on the wall. I took a photo with my phone because it is my practice to honor truth, not merely what appears beautiful. 

And I thought to myself, how can I see this with new eyes?

How can I make this art?

Art begins within. 

Art begins with the willingness to shift perspectives, to be a little uncomfortable, and to try something new.

Like gratitude. Thank You for these soft, warm blankets. Like humility. Thank You for this big, comfortable bed and a home to sleep in. Like courage. Can I stand here and be in my truth without running away? Like hope. What if I lived my life as if it were a prayer?

And then creativity breaks free and I edit my photo with a creative filter and suddenly I love it; I love my messy bed and the softness of the light and I begin to see what could be if I only see things differently.

What do you need to see differently right now?

I am an artist, and I co-create life. So are you. So can you.

Behold the Quiet Light is a weekly-ish excerpt from my life journal slipped into your inbox.

Movement takes you from point A (Stagnant? Stuck? Complacent? Bored?) to point B (Free? Energized? Riveted? Less stuck?). 

This doesn't mean it's always pleasant. For instance, you could be moved to rage. And you will have a choice. How will this new burst of energy serve and support your life? How can you channel it into something healthy for yourself and others?

On the other hand, you could experience flooding tears, deep sorrow, or deep longing. What will these emotional journeys reveal about yourself, your heart, and what is important to you?

I want to move you because movement is what keeps oxygen flowing and blood gliding through your body. Likewise, emotional or spiritual movement awakens you, calls for fresh fire, invites renewal. What could your life become with a little fresh fire?!

I want to move you because we are living beings made Imago Dei—made in the image of God—designed to be wildly creative, generous, humble and holy people, fueled by the Spirit, with great love and trust and joy. We were not created to exist with life-ish motions or an obligatory shrug.

I want to move you because I don't want you to settle. To settle is different than putting down roots with vibrant faith. To settle is to believe there's nothing more and this is it. People settle when they've lost hope. When no more options are in sight and everything is monotonous and meaningless. People settle when they make a subconscious decision that they are now just waiting to die. 

I want to move you because I believe you were made for a deep and meaningful life. An eternal life. Joy.

I am a woman of deep faith who believes the life we were made for is ultimately received through Jesus the Messiah. Through Him we are set free from sin & the shadow of death. When we have faith that He alone paid for our sins on the cross through His death, and that He resurrected the third day by the power of God and is alive, we are saved forever and sealed by the Holy Spirit. Our bodies become the temple of the Spirit. With the power of God with us and in us, we can begin living our eternal life now.

For this reason we were born: to live. 

For this reason we have hope.

I want to move you to hope.

In addition to thoughtful commentaries you’ll also receive candid “this is where I’m at” letters, too. It can get a little bit messy, like real life.

love, hillary