Coming in September: The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

 The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

You can make peace with the body you have. You can learn how to love your body as-is. You can heal the shame.

Behind the scenes I've been pouring my heart into this. A labor of love that is only possible because of God's grace, because I cannot even tell you how much hate and shame I had for this body I have. 

But in the book, I get pretty close.

This is not a how-to-get-thin book. Nor is it an obesity-acceptance book. It is about healing the beliefs you have about your body and making peace, so that your body can orient herself towards love and truth. Because that's where the miracles happen! 

My story is about my experience as an overweight woman, but anyone who struggles with body image or body shame will resonate with the message of this book. 

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Hillary McFarland