Create a Soulful Business Plan from the Heart (Free DIY-coaching guide!)

I am creating a new series of inspirational self-directed coaching guides that focus on one specific area in your life or your business. The first one is free! Download instantly, no email required.

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This free DIY coaching session, Create a Soulful Business Plan from the Heart, is perfect for multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs who need an intuitive, trust-based, Spirit-led business plan.

It will help you go back to basics and reconnect with your soulful work. It's a simple process, but deep and clarifying. This will become a resource you can return to again and again, or start over when your needs change.

In this DIY coaching session, allow at least an hour for self-inquiry. This is the exact process I use for myself, and I tailor it for my clients. Download the guide (it's free; no email required!), save it to your computer, and then follow along below as I share some of my personal answers so you can get an idea of the process. But please don't let my answers influence yours. I want you to understand the intention behind each prompt and how I use them, but if you're getting something else, go with your heart.

 Create a Soulful Business Plan from the Heart (free download!)

*A few quick tips:

This is an interactive guide, which means you can type directly into the document. After you click “instant download” below, it will open in a new window. You must save the actual file to your computer before typing your answers; otherwise, your answers will not save. After you type your responses, save it again and / or print it out. (If you prefer to handwrite your answers, print first.) This guide is designed to be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. For a luxurious keepsake, choose card stock or textured paper. For best results, set your printing margins to “0.” 


This DIY coaching session features ten questions and prompts. Set aside some quiet time, brew some herbal tea, add your favorite essential oils to that gorgeous diffuser of yours, and then get started.

My process:

1. I Have—

This first question is so you can take stock of what you already have when it comes to your business. Sometimes we think we need bigger / better / newer in order to be successful, while forgetting what we actually have and can use with amazing results. What resources, assets, and tools do you possess that will help you achieve your business goals? I wrote: a website, a mailing list, an Instagram account, massage license, camera, computer, software. 

2. I Offer—

This section is so you can give yourself a bird's-eye view of everything you offer through your business, whether you sell products or provide a service. I wrote: one-on-one mentorship, massage therapy, Squarespace web design, photography, DIY programs, my book, classes & courses, retreats

3. I love all my Products or services, but my favorite is—

This area is so you can hone in on what truly lights you up most & is calling from your heart. This doesn't mean that you don't love the other things, but here is where you can really shine and begin to develop your signature offerings. What do you want to be known for? What are you truly gifted in? There might be more than one, but try to identify the top one or two. I wrote: 1) writing: courses, classes, books, programs 2) gentle, healing massage therapy & aromatherapy for women 3) photography. 

I could narrow this down further by asking myself, What don't I need to be known for? For example, I find tremendous joy through photography. But I don't have a soul-driven need to be known for it. “Become a famous photographer” is not on my list of longterm dreams. I adore photography and want the women I serve to be transformed through it, and I want gorgeous visual offerings on my website and online spaces. I would be lost without this art in my life. But it is not my primary purpose.

In contrast, however, my soul drives me to write. I can't not write. In dramatic moments I feel like I would die if I didn't write. I don't need to be a famous writer, but I do feel compelled to share my work with the hope and prayer it changes someone's life. Does this make sense? 

4. I rejoice in—

I love this question because it shifts the emotion and perspective. You might love everything you do, but what do you rejoice in? What do you offer that actually nourishes and transforms your own life? Above & beyond your actual product or service, what are you really offering? This question will help identify what you find most fulfilling and meaningful, so you can orient yourself and your business towards it. I wrote: creating a healing, unforgettable experience that leads to transformation, illumination, relief, freedom, and deepening.

I love to provide a life-changing experience. This is what all of my offerings have in common. How can I create an experience that will change your life? Whether it is through revolutionary words, a photograph that makes tears pour out of your eyes, a mentorship session or massage that heals and provides relief from stress and pain, a program or course that guides you to's all about offering an experience that will heal and transform you, and that you'll remember forever.

5. My descriptive intention, tagline, or statement of purpose is—

This is a brief, to-the-heart statement that describes your work and the purpose of your business. It can take time to write this, but it's important to be concise and specific. (It's okay to adjust & edit as you find more clarity.) What fits you right now? This will be a north star for you. As a creative entrepreneur, everything you offer lives under this umbrella. I wrote: “Wisdom & wellness for a braver, deeper life,” and “Wiser, braver, deeper.” 

6. My dream goal & why—

In this section, you'll begin taking the information you've already gathered and start to look at your longterm plan. This is important so you can work backward and reverse-engineer your steps to getting there. Take a look at everything you offer through your business. What is the point? Answering this will give you tons of revelation. It might feel a little startling at first, but look at your list of offerings and ask yourself about your business: “What is the point?” Why is this important to you? I wrote: to make a sustainable living from home as an independent creative entrepreneur who writes and offers services that heal, transform, illuminate, and bless the lives of my readers and clients.

7. To reach this goal, I need—

Here, write down whatever you need before you can reach your longterm dream goal. What holds you back from achieving your goal today? Or next week? Next month? What do you need so you can move forward? What tools, skills, resources or assets do you need? What keeps you from achieving this goal immediately? Why haven't you reached it yet? Do you need to rebrand your business? Do you need to hire a virtual assistant? Do you need to update your existing software? Do you need to manufacture products? What skill do you need to master? Where do you need support? (Do you simply need to commit to it?) I wrote: be more specific about the numbers and create a realistic growth plan, with how-to steps & dates on the calendar. Look at my upcoming releases and create an artistic, soulful marketing plan that I'll actually look forward to & love. Also, some graphic design elements from Creative Market.

8. The first step is—

Now that you've clarified your longterm goal and identified what you must do to get there, the first step is to not shut down! Don't get overwhelmed. Having this guide with your list of answers will be a valuable reference as your journey unfolds, but right now you need an easeful way to begin. What is the very first step to moving forward? It could be as practical as “clear off my desk so I can have space to work.” Or maybe you've realized that something isn't working, and you need to let it go.

When you look at what you wrote in question #7 above, how can you break this into a path you can follow, with small, easeful and manageable steps? What is the very first step on that path? You might need a separate piece of paper for this, but take some time to sit with your heart. Look at your longterm goals and build an outline for reaching them. Once you're finished, answer this prompt by filling out step number one. I wrote: write a new, specific financial plan in alignment with my offerings and values with weekly & monthly goals. 

9. And then—

Your first step will lead to your next step. What is the natural outcome of what you chose to do first? Where does your first step take you? What will you have accomplished, created, or achieved, and what comes after that? This is your “and then.” I wrote: expand my offerings to meet various pricing levels, and decide where and how I want to promote them. 

These steps will get you moving forward with intention and clarity so you aren't taking one step forward & two steps back. 

10. My prayer of trust is—

Finally, commit your plan to the Lord. I love love Prov. 16:9...“A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” As the keeper of your business, you get the freedom to be creative and abundant in your planning. And then once you do your part, it's time to trust. Be open to delight and surprise as you bring your business plan to God in prayer and ask for wisdom, guidance and blessing on your work. Write your prayer of trust here.

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I really hope this free self-guided session is helpful for you. If so, please let me know in a comment or a message. And if you want more, I am building a whole library of affordable DIY Coaching sessions you can use to continue deepening into your life with clarity and grace. 

(And is there a specific topic you'd like to see? Let me know!)

Hillary McFarland