I Renounce and Revoke my Reiki Attunement

I woke up in tears this morning knowing there is something I have to do.

What I'm about to write is not a reflection of my thoughts or opinions towards anyone else but are simply *for me* + my journey in life, and what my particular path with the Lord looks like. And while most of my soulwork and shadow-work is intimate and personal, this is something I want to share.

Years ago I became a massage therapist because I wanted to help others find relief from stress and pain. Due to a wrist injury that tends to flare up when I'm actively working, I am not currently practicing as a massage therapist but I continue to love and appreciate the holistic healing world. So much so that over the last three years I have pursued many things in the interest of “being a healer”—some embarrassing— such as seeking certifications in various elements in and around the metaphysical + holistic healing fields.

One of these is Reiki. In January of 2012 I received Reiki One attunement. “The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words—Rei which means 'God's Wisdom or the Higher Power' and Ki which is 'life force energy.'” —reiki.org There is much info online with varying opinions about Reiki and I had my own journey with it at the time which I won't go into. This post is about my own change of heart and outlook on life and simply the next step for me. I don't like to give many reasons why I do things because, often, they are deeply personal and don't apply to anyone else. Because we are all on such unique paths, my reasons will often not be your (generic “you”) reasons and sometimes it causes disharmony to go into unnecessary details. I also don't want to influence someone else from the purity of their own path of following their heart or spiritual journey and how they choose to live or listen to the Spirit. However, in case this is helpful for someone, I will share a few reasons why.

Please note that the following may not make much sense to you or seem important. It might seem like I'm making a big deal of something inconsequential. I get that. It's a step I choose to take for myself and I have no desire for others to follow this path unless the Lord draws you to.

I publicly renounce and revoke my Reiki One attunement, vows, and any and all accessories or associations to it, known and unknown. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Reiki principles as vows

“Just for today
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work
Be kind to people.”
—Mikao Usui

These are universal and good principles which I take seriously and try to do anyway. I am on a path of wanting to release anything that is not beneficial to me spiritually, physically, or otherwise. And one of these is the fact that when I am not filled with gratitude, or when I worry, or get angry (which is, in and of itself, not always a negative thing) or am unkind, I don't need the unhelpful weight of this vow to pile on the shame or guilt (which only muddies the river and sinks me deeper into condemnation of myself). I can manifest enough of that on my own, thank you. It is important for me to have a heart that seeks goodness, gratitude, kindness, peace, and devotion to love, Creator + truth from within and not as controlled or yoked by an external vow such as these. I am not saying I don't appreciate vows, but that for me, these particular vows for this particular reason (Reiki attunement) is not something I desire to bind myself to. Perhaps this seems inconsequential, and that's okay. As someone who takes vows seriously and who knows firsthand the insidious ways of shame, this is something I need to do for myself. I hereby renounce and revoke my Reiki vows.

2. Ego

This is delicate, because of course it is good to desire good things. For me however, my passion to be a healer has made me look elsewhere for validation of something that can only come from God. Our Creator is THE Healer. He often uses us to minister healing to others, but the glory is His and His alone. I am grieved at the ways I have sought this gift.

It is one thing to receive technical training and licensing, such as my experience with massage therapy which means I can state that I am a licensed massage therapist. It is another to seek certifications and titles regarding non-training-related spiritual gifts as a source of personal declaration. If the Most High chooses to heal through me, I am overjoyed. But to look somewhere else for this is a grave offense to my maker. I hereby renounce and revoke my Reiki associations, title, degree and no longer consider myself a Reiki practitioner or Reiki healer.

3. Energy

In the technical practice of Reiki, the person giving is not the healer; what heals is the life-force energy, God, Source. The practitioner is simply a vessel that the healing energy flows through and is directed to the recipient through the hands or the heart (intention).

I am humbly available do these things anyway, without being a certified Reiki practitioner. I am loathe to credit or honor the lineage, history, community or practice of Reiki or anything else that is not our Creator, the Most High God, alone with this ability. If healing happens as a result of my being a hands-on, heart-centered channel for the Holy Spirit, then I am humbled and joyful to be of service.

Founder of the Reiki tradition, Mikao Usui, received his gift directly from the Source. If there is a gift to be had, and I believe there is, I want it directly from God Himself rather than through a long line of Reiki masters.

4. Money + spirituality

Many practitioners wisely make clear that they are not charging for the healing itself but for the energy put into preparing for the session, their time, and so forth. I paid $125 (if I recall correctly) for my Reiki One attunement. If I had not paid the fee I would not have received it, so regardless of the time and energy involved (which I fully believe in compensating for!) there is still a monetary gateway to go through first. This was a six-hour class about the history of Reiki and testimonials from teachers and students as well as the initiation itself which is designed to open or tap into the flow of Reiki and enable the healing life force to flow through. At the time I wanted to be formalized (i.e., receive the attunement / certificate and title) so that I could incorporate it into a gentle healing practice since I could no longer effectively work as a massage therapist. (The irony of being a healer with an injured wrist is not lost on me! However, healing is different than curing. And I believe that many can be healed even when they remain uncured. I also believe that when we look at something uncured with a dualistic perspective, meaning we place judgment on it, we miss out on deeper sacred truths.) I fully believe that money is an energetic exchange and I am so happy to use the tool + gift of money to be a way to compensate for services I receive (or to be compensated for services I give). In the example of massage therapy, where massage is the “mechanical manipulation of soft tissue” which can produce healing results like pain + stress relief, increased blood and oxygen circulation, enhanced sleep and so forth, monetary compensation is one way to exchange energies. However, I cannot give the gift of healing a monetary value. Who is to say how much healing is worth? Not because I believe that, in and of itself, money is a negative energy (as a matter of fact I am currently working to heal my “relationship” with money) but instead of opening the front door to the Divine to have her way with me I crawled in through a window on the side and tried to commercialize and appropriate this sacred gift. I am deeply sorry.

For me, a “practice” of my own which depends on some kind of mutual exchange for the flow of Divine energy is not in alignment with my faith or soul. In order for it to be pure, *for me,* if I have it to give, I freely give. I trust that the energy, time, and intention I pour in will be replenished by the one who gave it in the first place. I do not need to be a Reiki healer to be someone used by the Lord, the Healer. I do not need a certification to offer a gift that flows through me from the Holy Spirit. I am sad at how I've looked for the approval, wisdom, declaration or affirmation of someone else to give me what can only truly come from God directly and of whom I am in loving service. I hereby publicly revoke and renounce any and all personal affiliations with the Reiki lineage, symbols, principles, certificates, titles, practice, and initiation. I am not a Reiki practitioner.

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