I Want to be a Business Woman Like This

I first discovered a particular glamorous author a few years ago before she was internet-famous and delivered solid advice on a website about sizzling truth.

That day I devoured her archives, watched and re-watched her videos and sent a link to a friend. I signed up for everything she offered and wanted to buy everything she wrote or made. I wanted to learn it ALL. To soak up her gorgeous knowledge. I loved her fresh voice, sizzling wisdom and sharp advice for everything from business to writing to life. She was a beloved example of what I wanted to be as a “girlboss.”

She's gone on to build an empire and for many reasons, I'm no longer enamored. But I thought about her yesterday as I re-discovered someone who I found a while back but lost track of, Cerries Mooney. A friend sent me a link to her Archetype Personality Test and once again I found myself devouring her archives, signing up for everything and wishing I could buy every single thing she has for sale.

Among their many gorgeous qualities, what I notice most about Cerries and certain others is this: what they have to offer—articles, blog posts, videos, books, courses, digital guides, coaching, programs and more—is useful. It lights up my soul. Following their guidance makes a powerful difference in my life. It is actionable, implementable, and clear. It helps me become or achieve something I need or want.

And the feeling I get when I am up to my eyelashes at 2 AM in their archives? Resonance.


This is how I want to be a woman in business—resonant. Transformational. Of great service. The kind who makes your whole body relax with relief because you've found someone who speaks your language and can gently guide you as you create the life you long for. How can I be this woman? How can I offer rich archives, searing truth, lush offerings and wise ways that make a true, lasting difference for others? As I contemplate my work and expansion I know that I want to offer life-transforming experiences for women. I want to be congruent with my values and offer something that me from a few years ago would have longed for. I want to bring forth healing and beauty and revolutionary ways to embody and LOVE our lives, our bodies, our spirituality, our stories, and more.

As we shift into a new season (still a month away, but I'm feeling like AUTUMN ALL THE THINGS!) I am taking a thorough look at what I am bringing forth and how my presence reflects my deepest truth. And I'm excited! 

Do you know how wonderful it is to feel excited?

I want those who visit this space and invite me into their inbox to feel that same sense of resonance I do when discovering a writer or artist or wild woman or creative soul to love. And as Cerries reminded me, this means I need to create first for myself—because this is most authentic and true to who I am and my soul's calling—and trust that those who are meant to find me ... will. 

It's about trust.

Trust has been such a HUGE journey for me this year that we cover it in my Dear Artist program, because trust is the gentle way we move through fear. And fear ... oh, my heart. Fear and creativity are often so tangled that we can end up outside in the cold, our noses pressed to the windowpanes of our very own lives.

Lovely one, it's time to create a sacred rebellion that says NO MORE. That tenderly gathers up the threads of ourselves which have fluttered away like prayer flags in the wind and begin weaving our selves whole. This is my work. This is what I want to offer to you, too. As I spend the next season finishing up my Dear Artist course and tightening up my business, resonance and trust are lights in the dark for me. I hope you will feel it and join me.

Hillary McFarland