i will love you again


as we've rounded the curve and landed, at last, into the crunchy crispness of october, i feel like i've curved into a season of my own where the brilliant hues of courage, resolve, bravery, and boldness are washed with an ethereal sheen of hope. although we are born to live life, sometimes the living of it requires a cognizant, daily choice, where yes, i


take another step, and yes, i


love, and yes, i


do this again. i


embrace my soul-sojourn, where every morning i gently uncurl a little more from my cocoon and emerge, gasping and raw and wet, into light.

truthfully, these days crash forward like a crescendo of waves, like the sea all rising and pounding and lifting towards heaven and turning down to beat the earth where i stand. and with each rush of water, the ground beneath my feet transforms into something new, something unexpected, something i don't quite recognize.

but sometimes, especially after a violent storm, i look down at the earth to find pearls nestled there.  

and so i take another step. i push through sorrow and fear;

i cling to the sweetness of mercy that rises, new. and slowly i take shape, the shape of my soul.

Hillary McFarland