Making Sacred Space

You can trust what lights you up.
— Morgan Day Cecil

The journey of a creative entrepreneur is not the effortless glamor you'll see in packed influencer Instagram accounts everywhere.

No, it is often a quiet midnight study of experiments: this works. That doesn't. Man, I really want this. Ok. I've got to let it go. Followed up by a hasty sandwich because you forgot to eat all day.

While it's important to have a source of income, some of my creative work in the past always felt temporary. Like a part-time job you take to pay the bills while you secretly work on what you really love.

What if you skip to the part where you do what you really love?

Don't get me wrong...I love the pleasure of creative work in the vast array of forms it comes in. 

What happens, however, is that by constantly investing time & energy into something temporaryish, my resources are constantly being diverted from what I am most passionate about and here to create and offer. For instance, I had such longterm plans for my DIY design program; I wanted to release a new design each month and create a vast library of design templates for Squarespace and offer design coaching and so much more.

It's a great idea and I love it and know I could do it.

But it's not why I came to earth.

And so I've created it as a “temporary” product as a sort of entrepreneurial placeholder—holding me over until I can do what I am really here for. In my own soulwork I'm finally accepting that it's okay that I don't have to say yes to every creative idea I have. (Ha! Who would have thought!) And just because I see a need in an industry that would actually be a huge success, it doesn't meant that I need to be the one to fulfill it.

· Yes, we need a curvy-girl version of Free People...but I don't have to be the one to take on the entire plus-size bohemian fashion industry. 

· Yes, we need an amazing fresh stock photo site for hippies and hipsters featuring diverse lifestyles & bodies & free spirited living & nomads & earthy bohemian beauty...but I don't have to be the one to facilitate it.

· Yes, we need...but I don't have to be the one.

It's taken longer than I wish for me to accept & surrender to the clarity that I'm receiving now. For a long time I followed the guidelines of successful entrepreneurs, trying to mix others' how-tos with my own intuition hoping to learn their secrets and find my niche...and yes, I've learned invaluable things about business and I've met lovely people. And I've enjoyed a lot of the process. But I've spread myself too thin. My projects have gotten out of hand. I need to pull back. Prune. Release. Go where my heart is. Start doing the things that all of my other projects & endeavors have been in service of. Let go of all the “in the meantime” work and just leap with faith completely into the deep, instead of keeping one foot on dry ground while dipping my toe in from time to time to test the waters.

It's time for full immersion.

A lot of it might look the same on the outside...writing, mentorship, other experiences & services, spirituality, creativity...but it feels different on the inside. Renewed commitment. Fresh energy & eagerness as I refine my offerings and bring to light what is in my soul. Making sacred space for what is lasting, sustainable, and true divine work.

So what this means immediately, for right now...

It means restructuring my business.

It means letting go of my latest planned everything and letting what I've already created be enough.

It means letting go.

It means crying over these words from Morgan Day Cecil...

You can trust what lights you up.

What's lighting you up these days, my love? And is there anything you need to release in order to make sacred space for what is most important to you?

Hillary McFarland