The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl


How do you write the official announcement for the release of your own book? A book you prayed over and blushed over? A book you cried over as you wrote it?

...and wailed over because you see everything about it that's imperfect? I don't know. So instead I'm writing the 5 stages of grief for authors:


Is this real? This can't be happening. Omg. I wrote a book. It's on Amazon. *Refreshes the page.* It's still there. Omg. 


Arrrggghhh. A TYPO! Two typos! Ugh! I read this five hundred times! How did I miss it?? And that whole paragraph is just dumb! Why did I publish this book! It's terrible! And that cover is ghastly!


So I could take the book out of print and re-write it. I could publish it again in 2019 and this would give me time to add a whole new section. I could talk more about this one area, and I could delete that entire chapter. Maybe people won't notice. Wait. Of course they will notice. Okay, so, I could write another version and maybe...


It's atrocious. I'm the worst. I'm a terrible writer. Why did nobody tell me? I'm too preachy. I ramble awfully. It's horrible and makes no sense. Everyone who buys it will hate it and want their money back and my electricity will get cut off and all the tires on my car will go flat at the same time. Sigh.


I did my best. I gave it my whole heart. I love it. It's done. It's out there. Omg. Lord, help.

 The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl: Making Peace With the Body You Have: A Creative & Compassionate Guide to Loving Your Body As-Is

Deep breath...

I wrote a book. 

I love my book. 

It's tender, like me. It's a little messy, like me. It's raw, deep, and vulnerable, like me. 

And like me, it's not for everyone. I wrote this book for women who know what it's like to hate your body with such a rage that you break out in hives and stab your thighs with scissors. I wrote this for women who learned a twisted message from the Bible that your body, your sweet, blessed body that the Lord made with love just for you, is wicked and sinful. I wrote this for women who long to make peace with the body you have right now—not the body you will have once you get a tummy tuck or have lap-band surgery or a facelift. 

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl is love-positive book, which means it is body positive. It's not about obesity acceptance nor does it promote an ideal of thinness. It is about self-acceptance, love, and truth. I write from my experience as a lush woman, and use language that is specific to an abundance of curves, but many principles I share are not limited to these. Ultimately, this book is about healing body shame. Shame is not measured by your dress size, your sale, or your BMI.




Making Peace With the Body You Have: A Creative & Compassionate Guide to Loving Your Body As-Is

“Essentially, if our secrets are secrets because we are told to be ashamed, then we must share them. There is no shame in being sad or struggling or trying to heal. We are all desperate, depraved and sacred. We are all terrible and brilliant. I can list all the things that can make a girl want to escape her own body. But I’d rather list all the things that make me want to stay in my body, and adorn it like a home, rub oils into my skin, tell it how sorry I am for trying to leave, for trying to hurt it into submission.”—Warshan Shire

If you or someone you love needs to hear a life-giving message of healing, truth, and body love, will you consider reading or sharing my book? 

Humbled, grateful, loving... 

Hillary M