You have permission. You have always had permission.

Go ahead...
You are allowed..
Permission to...

You have always had permission.

The permission movement is designed to counteract shame-based messages that say you can’t have, you’re not worthy of, you shouldn’t…

The reason it is necessary and effective is because it re-orients us to freedom: the God-given liberty we were made for.

I needed this. And then something happened. Over the years I gave myself so much permission trying to regain the power, worthiness, freedom I already had but didn't know it, that it backfired.

That's where the danger comes in. Because when you don't know what you already have, you'll chase and chase after it until you're actually farther and farther away. Permission over-stuffed me with salt, sugar, gurus, books, questions, experiences, codependent relationships, striving, seeking, hungering. Debt, weight, clutter...the trinity of shame. 


Not-enoughness will get you either way.

Exceptions? Always. And we can tell ourselves that we did the best we could at the time, and mostly we'd be right. But that was then. Today is now.

Permission for the sake of permission is not the goal. Permission can be a searchlight, or a backhoe, or whatever helpful tool you need to clear your foundation. You are meant to be free: it’s a foundational truth, and foundations are meant to build upon.

You were never not free, except in your own mind.

Sometimes this means deconstructing years of habits or beliefs—or unbelief—that bury truth in a pile of clutter and rubble. Sometimes this means digging deep into the earth of yourself to clear the roots so you can discover something new. 

Yes, you’re free. You are allowed to do anything you want. 

What you need is wisdom. 

love, hillary
Hillary McFarland