Overcome creative resistance and live an extraordinary life. I'll show you how.



It's not too late. 

What if you could heal the self-sabotage, scarcity mentality, and shame that launch a sneak-attack whenever you begin something meaningful?

(Spoiler alert: you can.) 

For deep feelers, creatives, introverts and empaths like us, showing up will never not feel vulnerable. But what if you could show up anyway, and love every single minute? 

⟶ What if you could be the boss of your fear—and use it to your advantage?

⟶ What if you could leverage the flow of your natural energy & creative rhythms for powerful-yet-easeful results?

⟶ What if you could amplify your resources—your time, energy, motivation, inspiration, creativity—and like a miracle, never feel depleted again?

⟶ What if you could heal & release beliefs and behaviors that block you from life you long for?

⟶ What if you could clear—for good—the emotional and physical clutter that keeps you tripped up, heavy, and struggling? 

In Dear Artist, you will.

Did you know that you and your gorgeous ways are needed in this world? Your stories, your insights, your presence, your gifts—all belong. All are meaningful. Sometimes, though, you need to root through the mess of things to shake yourself free. It hurts like ripping off a bandaid hurts. It hurts like heartbreak hurts. But the poet Rumi wrote, “The cure for pain is in the pain.” And he's right. Avoiding the ache impedes recovery. And you know what else? When you find the courage to face the truth, a mysterious grace shows up, too. Of course it does, because it comes from the Artist who made you.

Dear Artist


Desperate for a more meaningful life?

Art is a catalyst for transformation.

Whether you are an artist by trade or by heart, Dear Artist will open the door to a new way of seeing and being that will transform you. Whether you need healing, reinvention, or a deeper appreciation for what you already have, the power of creativity can stir up profound change in your life. 

In Dear Artist, you will cultivate this power through intentional (yet sweetly simple) practices, rhythms, and rituals that will infuse you with purpose. This is the art of lifemaking. It is rooted in your tenderness and your truth. When you align yourself with truth, infinite wells of creative possibilities will open up for you. And guess what? You'll LOVE what happens next!

Say goodbye to mediocrity, futility, overwhelm, stuckness, boredom and status quo. It's time to launch a sacred rebellion into the life God made for you. (And you can do it in your pajamas). 


Or you can….


Want to read the first chapter? It’s free!

I feel like you just opened up a magic carpet bag and began stocking my pantry with all kinds of amazing preserves, tinctures, delicious pickled things, salves, herbs, fragrant teas, and some moonshine for good measure! I feel so supported and nourished and ready for the journey ahead. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Abby

In Dear ARtist you'll receive:


A life-changing journey

You'll receive a luscious downloadable program packed with rich articles, creative prompts, & inspiring field assignments.

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Beautiful visual display

All of the Dear Artist material comes in high-res files you can easily view on any standard PDF reader or mobile device.



Included are fillable & printable digital journaling worksheets for enhancing your experience. Print & write by hand, or type first & then print out.

Dear Artist worksheets


What to expect in the Dear Artist Program...

Wild Woman

Wild Woman

Highlights from Module One:

· Holy Wild Woman
· A Holy Wild Woman's Sacred Rebellion
· Art Without Apology
· Write Your Creative Manifesto
· Embodied Experiment: Boundaries
· A Holy Wild Woman's Blessingway

In Wild Woman, go to the heart: no more self-sabotage. No more shame. Heal everything that stands in the way of you filling your soul's purpose. You get to define what YOUR creativity looks like. Lay the foundation. Create the container. Make the time. Speak a sacred yes and a sacred no. Live a sacred rebellion.

Moon Woman

Moon Woman

Highlights from Module Two:

· Begin Moon Journaling
· The Depths of Your Creative Winter:Dark
· The Secret Corridor to Light
· Write Your Manifesto of Trust
· Embodied Experiment: Unmaking
· Create Your Own Rhythms & Rituals

In Moon Woman, learn to recognize your own seasons and cycles of creativity. Of rest & fallow ground. Discover the secret redemption found in emptiness. Heal scarcity. Trust the natural order of things. 

River Woman

River Woman

Highlights from Module Three:

· Creativity as a Spiritual Practice
· Clearing the River 1: Release
· Create Your Own Ceremony of Release
· Clearing the River 2: From Clutter to Clarity
· Create an Elemental Cleansing
· Embodied Experiment: Move
· Create a Sacred Movement Ritual
· Create a Sacred Purification Plan

In River Woman, identify what makes you stuck. Stagnant. Dry. Barren. Clear the river. Clear the energy. Be your own support through observing patterns and healing the river of your creativity. Take your creative life from clutter to clarity. Protect your energy. Protect your time and resources while also trusting abundance. 

Fire Woman

Fire Woman

Highlights from Module Four:

· Fire :: Tender—The Art of Firekeeping
· Becoming Firewise—Self-Care for Sustainable Energy
· Design Your Own Artistic Muse
· Embodied Experiment: Curiosity
· Secret Sources of Creative Inspiration

In Fire Woman, become a fire-starter. A burning, illuminated woman. Intentionally cultivate inspiration—don't passively wait for it to come. Create / design / give birth to your own artistic muse. The light, the heat, the energy...the alchemy, the transformation, all things made new, including yourself. 

Wise Woman

Wise Woman

Highlights from Module Five:

· Beauty, Fire and Truth: The Secret Power of Belief
· How to Live With Self-Doubt as an Artist
· Exploring the Fruits and the Roots of Embodied Beliefs
· Wake Up. Show Up. Light Up.
· Embodied Experiment: Pleasure
· A Wise Woman's Feast and Fruit
· Make Room to Receive

In Wise Woman, learn how to heal obstacles through creative alchemy. Use pain / fear / vulnerability. Step into the light / be seen. Know your worth. Enjoy the fruit of your hands and heart. Receive—gifts, accolades, success, admiration, devotion. Dwell in truth and grace. Embody your senses to create a meaningful and intuitive creative life.


What folks are saying about Dear Artist...

I do sooooo miss connecting every morning. The timing was perfect. I had my cup of tea while reading the material. I have never looked forward to a program more. I felt immediately welcomed and supported. I loved the welcome packet that deepened everyone’s connection. I have already referred a friend to your program. It is so deep and rich and at the same time fun and playful. Your words are beautiful and inspiring. The resources are wonderful. I loved the daily assignments and drawing a phrase for the day. I will be using this material for years to come. I am honored to be part of the first group. I can’t wait to see how Dear Artist continues to unfold. I’m in!! Thank you so much for your lovely, tender, moving work. You are a beautiful spirit.
— Debbie Jackson
This class has brought me exactly what I’d wished for—a deeper commitment to my creative life and the in my bones knowing that is my sacred path and calling. Much love to you Hillary—thank you for this rich experience. I truly wish it wasn’t coming to a close.
— Tracie
Hillary, I have taken many online programs, and yours has by far been the most wise, cozy, supported program experience with a TON of content. Thank you.
— Jessica
Hillary, [once again I’d like to say that] this beautiful class has been so much more than I ever hoped for. I felt an urgent need to sign up and I have eagerly awakened each morning, breathlessly anticipating your beautiful nourishing words of wisdom and inspiration. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I cant wait for more!! Many thanks to each of you in this very warm and sacred space. I have never before felt as comfortable and as supported. I look forward to continued sharing, insights, inspiration, and wisdom. Many blessings.
— Debbie Jackson
Thank you dear Hillary! I’m going to miss waking up each morning and looking forward to opening up with insights from your sweet soul! So much gratitude! Can’t wait to take more from you in the future Wise Woman!
— Tammy
I didn’t really doubt you would anyway, but you really crafted something beautiful and holy and sacred with this. Thank you for following the call of your heart.
— Alisha
Living is a precious work of art & often times the world gets in the way. For years, I’ve felt the call to get my hands in the clay & found myself with a million other things to do instead. Until that dreamlike day when Hillary reached out her tender hand in invitation with Dear Artist. As I put my trust in this gentle soul & took her hand a crack in the universe opened, the space I was meant to fill. Creativity imploded within me and exploded in my life. My very being was flooded with every idea I am forever jotting down on tiny bits of paper, every nuance of design I had tucked away in the folds of my flesh and every butterfly flitting around in my brain. They were all free as I danced through this precious work. Dear Artist is a tome for the enchantment that lives within all of us. My appreciation for the immense passion, illumination & love put into it by Hillary is greater than the galaxies of eternity. I bow in reverence for all of it!
— Julia
Dear Artist has been an extraordinary experience! You lead us on a deeply personal and enchanted journey into the depths of our creative soul. I savored each day’s lessons, prompts, poetry and interviews. Dear Artist holds space for deep exploration for leading an expressive life. I loved how you broke it into doable lessons. Dear Artist is generous, phenomenal and a true gift for an artist’s soul. I treasure the beautiful eBook that I can refer back to for inspiration anytime.
— With gratitude, Kathy
Dear Artist 2018

Dear Artist: The Art of Lifemaking


Dear Artist is a revolutionary program for writers, dancers, healers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, mamas and makers like YOU who long to make their lives a luscious work of art. It will nourish the secret life of wild things—the wildness of longing, of self-expression, of unapologetic joy. Of your boundless spirit. Of desire. Because, Dear Artist—you CAN live on fire, meaningful, rooted with purpose, from your deepwater soul. Expressing your truth, your voice, and yourself—as only YOU can. This life is not only possible—it is already yours. Let me show you how to embrace, express, and embody the creative life you long for.
 Dear Artist: The Art of Lifemaking. For deep feelers, creatives, introverts and empaths like us, showing up with our medicine will never not feel vulnerable. But what if you could be your tender, vulnerable self, follow your heart, and make a difference in the world doing what you love? Dear Artist is a revolutionary program to help you break through the barriers to create the fulfilling life you long for—because your life is your work of art.

My art is my life.

For years I would not call myself an artist. I felt like I didn't deserve this holy name. It belonged to poets, alchemists, healers. Dancers and painters. Bakers and mothers and tiny fists clutching broken crayons. Pretty much everyone but me.

I wrote my first poem at six years old and sewed my first little rag doll then, too. At eight I would make my little sister lie down on a sheet of fabric, draw around her body with a pencil, and sew actual clothes she happily wore. Even though I would stitch together layers of paper and write stories and draw horses and prairie girls and ball gowns; even though I did hours and hours of pirouettes and plies while listening to Tchaikovsky in my thick pink tights, I doubted myself.

In my twenties I wore the black belt of an artist. I was the mall girl carrying fluffy makeup brushes who swished bronze and violet along brow bones and in the hollow of cheeks. And then at night I typed away on my rickety keyboard so late that my husband decided to invest in his sleep and bought me a new, quieter one.

And yet, I still hesitated to call myself an artist.

I'm not a real artist, like she is, the little girl inside me says. 

Dear Artist is for that little girl.

Dear Artist is for me. 

Dear Artist is for you.


My name is Hillary McFarland and I am an artist who wants you to experience the abundant joy of a meaningful creative life. 

Your soul knows you were meant for more. This is why you feel dissatisfied, restless, unfulfilled, always looking for “your thing.” Always hungry for something you can't quite define. 

The truth is, you came to earth with sacred blueprints for the creative life you long for already written inside you. They live in the breathstream of the soul. They are holistic and holy, maps of your divine purpose, love stories of wisdom and work. I won't teach you painting techniques or how to write a book in thirty days. Instead, it's time to stop looking everywhere else for what has always been right here: home. Your true voice. Your true path. Your beautiful, transcendent, luminous life. A gift from the Artist who made you.


“But I'm not an artist.”

Yes, love. You are.
Your life is your art.