DIY Coaching

soulful & spirit-led

Self-inquiry for Spirit-seekers, introverts, and do-it-yourselfers. 

These bite-sized self-guided, inspirational coaching sessions are invitations to deepen into one specific area of your business, your life, or your heart. Give yourself about an hour to show up and journey through these questions. I plan to add more in the future, so check back!

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  Create a Soulful Business Plan from the Heart DIY Coaching Session by Hillary McFarland


Create a Simple Business plan from the Heart

Create a simple, heart-and-Spirit-led business plan for focus and clarity in your creative work. This is the process I use myself, and you can learn why I made it & how I processed the questions in my article here. 

In this DIY-session, you'll receive a luscious, fillable .pdf with ten clarifying prompts and questions. Download to your computer, type your answers on each line, and print (or print first and handwrite your thoughts).

Download instantly—no email required! (I did send this freebie to my insider's list, so if you love it, want more from me? I'd love for you to become part of my inner circle. Join here.)


Printing recommendations—

This is designed for printing on 8.5” x 11” paper. For a luxurious keepsake, print on card-stock or textured paper. For best results, set your printing margins to “0.” 

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More coming soon!