One More Day to Praise You

What if I'm all wrong?

Of course I have this thought.

I study & come up with theories. I research and develop working hypotheses. Some things I believe more intensely than I believe in my own breath. 

Some things feel less important after awhile. You know, maybe mysteries will be revealed on this side...and maybe not. I'm in a weary phase. I think its due to just come, already, Lord! and maybe I don't need to figure out who is Mystery Babylon or who is the final AC or myriad other hidden truths. Some things are hidden so we will search them out (Prov. 25:2), and others because the Father does not want his dear children exposed to such things. "...I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil." Rom. 16:19

I enjoy the search, in studying Hebrew & Greek and context and cross-referencing what I find. I'm also longing for his appearing. Longing to be in the presence of God. So it's a good time for me to do an internal back-to-basics check when it comes to eschatology and where I'm currently at. 

Regarding end-times as a whole:

Yes. These are the last days. Without a doubt. The age of grace is about to close and the body of Christ will soon be harpazo'd.

Regarding Sept. 23, 2017 and the Rev. 12 constellation:

According to astronomy software, there is going to be a unique constellation that appears to fulfill Rev. 12:1. This is straight-forward science. Just like looking at your calendar to see when is the next full moon. So yes, I'm still on board with this.

What if nothing else happens and I wake up on Sept. 24th to a normal day?

Then, Lord, it will be one more day to praise You.

Some think the rapture of the church will happen on Sept. 23. It very well could. Some point out that the Rev. 12 constellation on Sept. 23, 2017 is 726 days from the last blood moon of the tetrad (9/28/15), and that Strong's 726 is the greek word harpazo. Those of us who love secret messages and synchronicities with child-like delight absolutely love this.

It could also happen on the Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 21-22, at the last trump of the feast, per Paul in 1 Cor. 15:51-52. That feast is also known as "no one knows the day or hour" because it's dependent on the sighting of the New Moon in Jerusalem.

Or it could happen before then, or after. I don't know. I don't really believe in imminency because just as Jesus fulfilled the first four feasts, I believe he will fulfill the last three.

Will that happen? It's likely. I feel & believe that it could. I have the urgency that it could. But it's not a salvation issue and I don't know.

This is what I do know: Jesus Christ, and him crucified. (1 Cor. 2:2) We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love one another. We are to watch & pray. We are to be wise and gentle. We are to put our faith in the One who does know, who gives us discernment and gave us the sun, stars & moon for signs, seasons, days & years.

If this summer and autumn pass by without anything significant happening other than a really cool eclipse and a unique constellation, I might be surprised, but my faith won't be shaken. It will be one more day to praise YOU, my God. And no matter what happens, I'll be that much closer to the real day when I awake in righteousness, when I see You face to face. 

Who is Mystery Babylon? 

I have a theory but it remains just a theory. I'm not saying it's impossible to know, but that I've lost some of the drive to figure it out. There are many good candidates and my head is spinning.

What now?

I plan to keep writing & sharing some of my personal studies in Scripture, and I will keep sharing about prophecy. Regardless of what happens this year, I am convinced these are the last days. I'm a little weary of the intellectualism and crave simple truth. I tend to be scholarly and that won't change; I'm always diving deep. However... "Now when these things begin to happen," Jesus said, "look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near." (Luke 21:28) I am wanting to come up from the deep. If that's look up from the deep because these things have been happening and it is my belief that we are mere heartbeats away from our redemption.