A new kind of conversation.

Into the Quiet

Slow coaching focus sessions with Spirit-led holistic life coach, Hillary McFarland

Into the Quiet:  Slow coaching focus sessions with Spirit-led holistic life coach, Hillary McFarland

Into the Quiet

As a Spirit-led holistic life coach, I am blessed to connect with clients who dwell throughout all continents and time zones.

Aligning schedules between Texas and Australia or London or even California can sometimes present a creative challenge. I love what I do and joyfully work alongside my clients to find a perfect time for both of us, but what if there’s a second option? What if we could have a different kind of conversation, not bound by the clock or calendar?


Into the Quiet is a thoughtful and spacious conversation oriented around one specific topic, goal, or concern.

Here is how your slow-coaching focus session works:

Shortly after you purchase, I will send you a Discovery intake form. You will complete a series of questions that will help me understand your needs, goals, and concerns. (To learn about my mentorship practice, read more at The Wisdom Sessions.) Next, I will respond by email with any questions for clarity, and then invite you to send me a voice memo of up to 20 minutes (or a detailed email) around your chosen focus topic.

Once I receive it, I will give your message full and prayerful attention. I will take time to contemplate your message and craft a response tailored precisely to you. Within a few days I will respond with a voice message of up to 20 minutes that you can save & listen to again and again featuring thoughts, suggestions, feedback, recommendations, and any appropriate assignments regarding your session.

Into the Quiet is perfect for…

  • busy moms

  • night owls

  • shy & introverted lovey-doves

  • international clients

  • lower budgets

  • and more!

Here is a quiet invitation for those who crave slow, contemplative, spacious mentorship that feels easeful and unconstrained.


To learn more about me as a Spirit-led holistic life coach, my work, and the women I serve, visit my primary mentorship page, The Wisdom Sessions.