The Wisdom Sessions

The Wisdom Sessions

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Choose from the offerings below:

· One 60-minute transformation intensive on a focused topic
· 4 weekly 60-minute sessions (one session per week for 4 consecutive weeks for a powerful, make-it-happen month)
· 3 monthly 90-minute sessions (one session per month for 3 consecutive months, with optional voice memo support between sessions)

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Additional info:

*International sessions are held on audio-only Skype. In the US, sessions can be held on the phone or audio-only Skype.

*Monthly package sessions also receive additional support availability via email or voice-memo. 

*Payment plans are not available at this time.

*Once you purchase your sessions, I will reach out within 24 hours with a warm welcome & next steps!

*I reserve the right to decline any mentorship relationship I do not feel is a right fit for either of us, with or without explanation. If you have already paid for your session, which has not yet taken place, you will be refunded.

*Prices subject to change without notice.