Hey, curvy girl. I see you.

I hear you. I am you. And I want to tell you gently: it’s time to quit punishing yourself for having fat on your body.

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl


Hating your thighs won’t make them smaller. Scratching your face won’t make it any thinner.

You can’t shame yourself into love. But you can make peace with your body and learn to love your body as-is. Really.


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The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

Making Peace With the Body You Have: A Creative & Compassionate Guide to Loving Your Body As-Is


I grew up dreaming of clawing my fat stomach off with my fingernails.

Inside, it went like this: "I am fat. Fat is bad. Must punish bad." Having fat all over my body led to a shame-induced savagery I justified through religion, perfectionism, self-hatred and neglect. The thing is, though, shame never cures anything. Healing comes from love and truth, not shame, hatred, or neglect. It took years, and a lot of pain, to realize this. But I've made peace with the body I have, and you can, too. 

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl is a candid memoir of grace and faith and body love. It contains raw and revealing stories from my lifelong struggle with weight, wisdom from Scripture to help heal damaging beliefs, and unique creative assignments and journaling prompts to support your healing.

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl is my journey, and I pray it blesses yours. Available in digital and print.


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The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl by Hillary McFarland

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