The Wisdom sessions

Hello! I'm Hillary McFarland, and I am a Spirit-led mentor for women like you—mamas & makers, creative entrepreneurs, writers, artists & sensitive souls.

 As a Spirit-led holistic life coach, my work is grounded in the wisdom from above and practical, in-your-life-right-now resources.

You don't need to lose sixty pounds before you're allowed to experience lasting transformation.

You don't have to make six figures & be debt-free before you do meaningful, life-altering work.

And you don't need to throw out all your Tupperware and fill vintage glass jars with organic pumpkin seeds for #kitchengoals on Instagram before you enjoy a fulfilling, artistic life.

I mean, you can if you want to.

But there is a simpler, more life-giving way! 

Wisdom & wellness

→ Starting a work-from-home business?

→ Ready to leave your past in the past and create a new story?

→ Tired of spinning your wheels, running out of energy / time / cash, and ready to grow?

→ Feeling stagnant or creatively stuck? 

→ Need emotional or spiritual guidance through overwhelm, exhaustion, imposter syndrome or shame?

→ Desperate for healing, clarity, direction, or change?

→ Tired of fighting and hating your body?

→ Lost sight of your purpose?

→ Ready to heal?


As a Spirit-led holistic life coach, my work is grounded in the wisdom from above and practical, in-your-life-right-now resources.


I use a mind-body-spirit-lifestyle approach to help you transform your life naturally. This is usually related to self-care, which is essential as we go deeper into fear, stuckness, not-enoughness, overwhelm, shame, or whatever keeps you struggling and stuck. We also look at the spiritual practices & beliefs that have shaped you, and I make life-giving recommendations that align with Scripture.

We find ways to strengthen & support the areas that need it most, and then we implement creative (& often unconventional) strategies that move you closer to what you really long for.

Through my one-on-one mentorship sessions (held on the phone, Skype, or in person) you will receive:

· the sacred space of confidential, one-on-one connection
· an interactive experience as I ask thoughtful, heart-opening questions, followed by deeply intuitive listening and feedback rooted in truth & tenderness
· compassionate new perspectives you can hold onto & lean into
· life-giving creative assignments or recommendations as needed
· Spirit-led direction in harmony with Scripture meant to guide you into a wiser, braver, deeper life
· and more, based on your own unique needs & desires... YOU can experience the holistic well-being, meaningful work, and abundant living you were made for.

Here's how it works:

I. First, click below to choose which session offerings work for you.

II. Once you purchase, I'll reach out to welcome you and provide access to the Discovery intake, which is a soul-survey & life evaluation that will help me see where you're at and what you need most. And then we will schedule our time & get all of the technical details worked out (like, phone or Skype, who calls who, etc.).

III. At the time of your mentorship session, we will connect for a conversation you will never forget. Based on your responses from the Discovery evaluation, I will ask questions, make suggestions, brainstorm with you, help you create appropriate strategies or goals, offer feedback, and more. This time is a really a collaboration between you, me & the Holy Spirit.

V. Depending on your needs and the purpose of our session, you will come away with some-or-all of the following: relief, courage, excitement, peace, energy, motivation, step-by-step blueprints for what you are building, clarity, a fresh outlook, new perspectives, healed beliefs, clearer pathways, and more!


You and the work changed me forever. I sat with it and worked on nourishing my soul and gave my physical body-obsession a vacation. As I nourished my soul, something definitely shifted big time…I mean BIG time. So now I sit in the practice of life with such gratitude that my body gifted back to the universe 30 lbs. and is still giving. When I look back at the pictures I took during our work together, I see my beauty was always there. Some of them are my favorite pictures of myself ever.
— Lauren L.
I began my journey with Hillary because I decided to listen to my soul and begin a new business — the biz of my dreams. I felt like I needed a little more guidance, I needed someone to hold up a mirror and show me that I had the magic within to leap. She made me feel at home. Our sessions felt like talking to a best friend. After our very first call, I found confidence and clarity. After our fourth call? I was filling my calendar with clients and manifesting magic. I would not be where I am today without her magic.
— Heather M.
The wisdom sessions...

I. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your struggle...

· clarity of purpose
· who you are and why you keep getting the same results time & time again—but they're not the ones you want
· the sneaky ways shame & fear lead to self-sabotage and regrets (& how to heal them)
· anything else that matters to you

  • + Why you need this...

    • · So you can heal the roots of beliefs behind unwanted habits, mindset, outcomes, reactions, and more. No more bandaid-approach. We're going deep and gently untangling what we find.

    • · So you can make new, empowered & Spirit-filled choices that support you, your life, your wellness, your loved ones, your dreams, and your goals.

    • · To begin orienting your life to truth so you can experience clarity, growth and freedom.

    • · To harvest the rich medicine contained within everything that feels uncomfortable and painful right now so you can begin creating the life you long for.

II. Experience transformation where you need it...

· beliefs & mindset
· home, heart, lifestyle
· work, money & business
· art, creativity, wellness

  • + Why you need this...

    • · For aliveness! So you can truly & fully become the wise woman / entrepreneur / artist / minister / healer / influencer / everything you were born to be.

    • · So you can use your God-given gifts with intention and purpose to make a difference in the world and bless, inspire & heal others while living a life you love.

    • · So you can experience freedom, victory and relief from pain, stress, overwhelm, fear, and shame.

III. Come into soulful alignment...

· your business/work
· your choices, beliefs, habits and actions
· your daily life
· and more!

  • + Why you need this...

    • · So your energy, time, creativity, money, health, and other natural resources are protected and invested wisely.

    • · So your life is congruent with truth—no more two steps forward, once step back! Instead, you are leaping forward with the power of truth as the foundation & backbone of who you are and what you do.

    • · So you are in rhythm with your natural gifts, energy, and purpose; in harmony and integrity—not working against yourself but finding your own organic flow. Goodbye burnout and overwhelm! Hello, life I love! Hello, beautiful new morning!

IV. Enjoy true abundance & creative, beauty-filled days you love...

· a fulfilling life overflowing with creative pleasure, satisfaction & joy
· luscious energy & peace
· nourishment & self-care
· abundance & aliveness

  • + Why you need this...

    • · So you have a deep, full, sweet and lush well that sustains and waters your life. No more depletion, scarcity-mindset or giving from lack.

    • · So you can be intentional, generous, gracious, luscious, and overflowing with goodness and blessing. Goodbye complacency, settling & hoarding! Hello, gorgeous delight!

    • · So you can understand and *actually experience* true abundance & a rich life.

    • · So you can be a river woman—deep, flowing, nurturing, trusting, open, creative & wildly alive.

Art Line.png
Connecting with Hillary came at a time in my life (and business) that I was looking for spiritual guidance to live a deeper, more meaningful, creative, and feminine life. I was in need of someone to help me understand my own story better, that would help me to show up fully in the world, so that I could enjoy my life and work without fears, doubts, or guilt. And that is exactly what I got out of my time with Hillary. I came to our session without really knowing what to expect, but with a lot of questions and uncertainties. Hillary created a beautiful space for me, and worked as a guiding light to help me find more clarity, and see things from a different perspective. I absolutely loved the peacefulness that she created for me, and I felt understood, and loved. After our session Hillary sent me a workbook, and a summary of what we had talked about with some additional prompts, and activities. This helped me to get going and really made a difference. I loved everything about it. Thank you Hillary!
— Murielle M.

So, What are you longing for?


I work with women who value meaningful, sustainable and soulful work; who yearn to find freedom, healing and wholeness, and want to make a difference doing what they love. These brave women are going through seasons of reckoning, creation, or change, and need emotional, spiritual and creative support as they do the hard & holy work of lifemaking. They often come from (or long to return to) a life of deep faith, and appreciate my spiritual approach & thoughtful creative practices.

If this sounds like you (or who you want to be), then come experience transformation.

Hillary exudes grace and authenticity in every interaction. Her unconditional support & tender guidance helped me bring deep & soul-full intention to all areas of my life. Where I felt I was lacking, she encouraged me & built me up. Her ability to provide insight & steps for subsequent actions helped me create a more beautiful life. Hillary made exploring & utilizing my creativity a truly decadent experience. She brings a magnificent sense of wonder & compassion to any situation you may face. Whether you are ready to jump right in & get started, or need someone to help excavate your dreams, working with Hillary will infuse you with Life.
— Cassie A.
 I work with women who value meaningful, sustainable and soulful work; who yearn to find freedom, healing and wholeness, and want to make a difference doing what they love. These brave women are going through seasons of reckoning, creation, or change, and need emotional, spiritual and creative support as they do the hard & holy work of lifemaking. They often come from (or long to return to) a life of deep faith, and appreciate my spiritual approach & thoughtful creative practices.

Things to know...

  • My work is rooted in gentle Christian philosophy and scripture.

    • I want my clients to experience true & lasting change. While I offer a lush array of holistic practices, soulful & practical strategies, and nourishing assignments in my work, I believe that our lives can be deeply healed and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the love of Jesus. If needed, sessions or assignments may include faith-based practices or rituals such as prayer, Bible study, acts of service, and more.

  • Clients-who-feel-like-friends is a coaching model I love.

    • I want us both to feel comfortable and cozy, to connect well, and most of all, for YOU to receive the care and guidance you deserve. Our sessions are soulful conversations that leave you feeling strengthened, nourished, and energized, with clear steps and strategy for the work ahead. Your time and resources are valuable to me, so if I feel like I am not the best mentor to help you achieve what you're looking for, I will be honest and upfront so you can find a coach more suitable for your unique needs.

  • Money, honey...

    • Prices and packages are subject to change without notice. Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds. Please purchase mindfully. Follow your heart & intuition. Say a prayer of inquiry. Wait for clarity. Please understand that the cost of the sessions reserves my one-on-one time, energy, creativity and other resources. My heart, compassion, warmth, love, tenderness, faith and guidance are abundantly given with great joy and without price.

  • I am not the right mentor or guide for you if:

    • want the ABCs, 1-2-3s to an enormous bank account prefer a crack-the-whip coach & approach want to be the next hot celebrity entrepreneur want instant results without doing the work are uncomfortable with my personal values or expressions of faith. While I am respectful, my spirituality is the foundation of my life.

  • I am the perfect mentor or guide for you if:

    • are willing to commit to your art, you life, your business, your well-being, and your dream understand the importance of healing the foundations of things before we begin to build. appreciate someone who is highly-sensitive, empathic, genuine, will roll up her sleeves and dig into the dirt with you, and will pray for you on her own time...


5 reasons why you'll LOVE working with me...

1. I will fiercely protect & champion your vision. Even when you want to dive under the covers and quit. (We all have those days.)

2. I will infuse hope-scented bursts of fresh light & breathe-ability to your projects & goals so your work feels easeful, pleasurable and luscious again. We all need a little s p a c e sometimes. Especially our dream roots. Spread out, sink in. (There's a reason “spacious” begins with “spa.”) 

3. I will ask illuminating questions that keep you oriented to the North Star of your Purpose. (Goodbye burnout, spinning wheels, and overwhelm! Hello, steady flow of energy, actually finishing what you started, and changing lives!)

4. Together, we'll brainstorm through your obstacles and find life-giving, creative solutions to whatever holds you back, keeps you stuck, or terrifies you about showing up in your shining vulnerable truth. You are not alone! You can do your sacred work, and I'm here to help.

5. I will be the sister who reminds you to get up from your chair, where you've been hunched over for six hours writing, and move your body. I will be the doula who rubs your feet and massages warm lavender oil into your back when the labor pains come. I will help you dig into the earth of yourself and restore your spiritual foundation. I will be a nourishing & kind-hearted listener and objective witness.

Hillary McFarland.jpg

So let's get your life healed & headed into the love & purpose you were made for.

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.